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Luxury Vinyl Flooring from Carpetland USA

If it’s been awhile since you shopped for flooring, you might be pleasantly surprised when you learn about luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl has certainly come a long way, and has more benefits now than it ever has.It’s one of the few flooring materials that not only has a vast array of styles and designs, it will work in any room of your home. Luxury vinyl flooring isn’t just a floor covering, it’s an extension of your personal style.If you are in the areas of Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, Eufaula, or Marianna, FL, we invite you to visit Carpetland USA at our showroom in Dothan, Alabama. We have flooring professionals on site that can answer any questions that you might have about luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring to fill every need

Why do people shop for flooring in the first place? It might be that they are in the market for flooring for a new home. Then there are those who are looking to remodel because they’d like something a little different. The third reason is that there is a need for new flooring because their previous flooring has been damaged or no longer looks new.

No matter why you’re shopping, the end result needs to be the same. You should be completely satisfied with the new flooring that you’ve chosen.

The good news is that luxury vinyl flooring can fill just about any need you have for your floors. But luxury vinyl is further divided into both luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP), so that your choices are expanded even further.With luxury vinyl tile, you will get a look that mimics real tile and stone. LVT can even be grouted for an even more authentic real tile look.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Dothan, AL from Carpetland USA
With luxury vinyl planks, you’ll hardly be able to tell that it isn't the real wood floor that you're looking at. LVP gives you the option of a real wood grain look and any stain coloring you’d like. Any species of wood available can be replicated in LVP.

You certainly can’t underestimate the durability of luxury vinyl flooring either. The top wear layer provides these floors with a high level of scratch resistance, stain resistance and resistance against regular wear and tear. With real wood floors, you have to worry about scuffs, scratches, and gouges. However, with luxury vinyl, these worries are unnecessary. Additionally, it’s easier to clean and maintain as well.

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